Selling Tees to Save the Bees! Get yours today to help support our beehives locally raised here in Minnesota
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    Bees are a key component of our ecosystem. They pollinate 1/3 of our entire food supply, and without them it would induce a mass agricultural threat to humanity's survival. Without them, we would lose many different foods with the lack of pollination. Pollination is a process that fertilizes plants by moving pollen from one plant to the next. This process allows production of fruit, vegetables, seeds, and much more. If the bees were to become extinct the balance of the ecosystem would be thrown off and indefinitely affect all global food supplies. 

    Everyone deserves to know that there are many different types of bee species. Each one is important to our planet and we focus on one in particular; the honeybee. These pollinators are threatened by invasive species, disease, pesticides, climate change, and habitat destruction.

    An additional threat is actually linked to beekeeping practices. Commercial beekeeping can put additional strain on bee populations when done incorrectly. A large portion of the honeybees in the United States are sent to California to aid the pollination of the almond fields. For years commercial beekeepers claimed the death of their bees was coming from pesticide exposure, disease, and habitat loss. Environmentalists claim that it's from America's industrial agricultural methods and their reliance on honeybees to make their operations successful. 

    When the bees get shipped out to the almond fields they are brought in from all over the country and it raises the risk of spreading disease and mites. Bees require a vast landscape with a lot of biodiversity to maintain their natural health, so when they are only pollinating almonds it can wear on them.  

    Here is where we offer our services! Our hives are locally kept here in Minnesota and are never shipped off to the almond fields of California. In the winter months our plans are to send them south so they can pollinate and live freely instead of being commercialized and used in the almond industry. We create raw honey which is never cut with any fake sugars or additives. Local, delicious, and sustainable. 

    Be careful of what you are buying from the grocery store. Many different kinds of honey are imported from other countries around the world, mixed together, and cut with sugar syrups. The reason this is all happening is from a high demand for honey and not enough supply. Large producers of honey use sugar syrups to cut their product and triple their yields, in turn producing more 'honey'. Our guarantee to you is that our Hive Honey is sourced locally in the United States and is NEVER cut with anything, ever. It is 100% raw honey directly from our hives to your household.



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